Edge Honing Abrasives (MMPL-130)
July 25, 2016
5X5X10 Cassani and Comma Type Abrasives (MMTK-01, MMCS-01, MMCM-01)
July 25, 2016
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Frankfurt Type Tile Abrasives (TMMF-02)


Frankfurt Type Tile Abrasives (TMMF-02) are magnesite based abrasives used for grinding of tiles. It allows high productivity, reduced cost and high quality of finished product. Can be you used manually as well as in automatic machinery. Different types of Frankfurt Tile Abrasives have been developed. Grit sequencing should be allocated for effective results.

Package 36 Pcs/Box

Product Code Product Grits
MMMF-02/16 16
MMMF-02/24 24
MMMF-02/36 36
MMMF-02/46 46
MMMF-02/60 60
MMMF-02/80 80
MMMF-02/120 120
MMMF-02/180 180
MMMF-02/220 220
MMMF-02/280 280
MMMF-02/320 320
MMMF-02/360 360
MMMF-02/400 400